Galaxy Note 5 S-View Clear Cover Case Unboxing!


Need a cool case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5?  Check out Samsung’s official S-View clear cover case.

With a see-through material on the front of the S-View case, the Note 5 S-View Clear Cover allows you to answer calls and see your notifications all without turning the screen on your phone.

Of course, the S-View Clear Cover’s main purpose is to protect your Note 5, which it does quite well with protection for the back glass and back camera along with full screen protection on front.  If you tend to drop  your phone often or you keep your phone in your pockets, this case may help you save your phone from future accidents.

Overall, I do really like the Note 5 S-View Clear Cover as it’s well designed and also makes your Note 5 whole.   If you are looking for a sleek case, definitely check this one out, you can grab it on Amazon for around $50 here.

Don’t like this case? Maybe too expensive for your taste? Check out some of these other Spigen, Cruzerlite, and Ringke cases.

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