Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S Camera Photo/Video Shootout!

It still amazes me how many people think iPhone 4S “still” has better photos and videos than newer Android smartphones. Well, here’s something to get you out of denial, just accept the truth, something made in 2011 is NOT going to be anywhere near as good as Galaxy S3.

Overall, I noticed that Galaxy S3 does a ton better job at automatically focusing on subjects especially in indoors, low-light, and darkness, where it matters the most.

With Galaxy S3, every photo was clear in low-light/darkness with flash without even trying whereas iPhone 4S struggled to even take a decent photo worth keeping.

For video recording, Galaxy S3 videos look much sharper with more brilliant colors while the iPhone 4S lacks detail, colors, and also is very jittery.

Even my family member agrees my Galaxy S3 takes much better photos, she keeps telling herself, “my iPhone sucks.”

Truth matters.

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  1. Maggnet says:

    You aren’t a photographer, aren’t ya?

    Even in your very low quality comparison I can still see that the iPhone has beaten the S3 this time. Yes the S3 looks at the first glance better because the image has more pop, but this is just a trick. They simply raised the contrast. Install the Photoshop Express App on the iPhone and you can do the same in the post processing step in much higher quality and exactly to your liking!

    Now I’ll explain to you why the iPhone won this time:
    – pay attention to the shadows. They are completely blown out (black) in the image of the S3. Lacking all detail.
    – the sky lost most of its texture and in the 4S shows a much nicer gradient.
    – the S3 image is slightly overexposures (making the above mentioned problems even more obvious)
    – when you pay attention to the mountain in the background you can see much more detail on the 4S

    I’m not an iPhone user, I use the Galaxy Note, but as a photographer I pay attention and respect to such things!

    Truth matters! Maybe you should rethink your post…

    • McAdrian says:

      That´s the problem, everybody says they are photographers… real cameras don´t have ringtones dude!!! and yeah, colors in the S3 are more saturated, but the image is a lot sharper too… I can really tell the difference and as a DP for film and tv believe me my eye is way more trained than any normal photographer, in my case a soft image or a bad tested lens could cost millions to the production, and that´s why they pay me the big bucks…

    • Ian says:

      Now this is valid.. I also don’t currently own an iPhone, but it’s very obvious even from this comparison iPhone 4S wins.. Which is why I’m going for it ASAP.. (Forget ip5/6).. Price isn’t worth the upgrade yet..

      • Ian says:

        Another thing to mention just from the mountain view, the s3 can’t see the sun very well, as on ip4s we can see details, with the sky, the mountain details, and on aquarium it’s clear ip4s more details on the rock.. It’s original and not edited yet.. Where s3 is software altered ALREADY.. I am not sure how ip4s compared to 5/5s/6.. But this one ip4 won all the way

  2. wildfrogger says:

    Not sure about what Maggnet is saying but my eye’s tell me that the SGIII is much more pleasing. Now I don’t have time to go through photoshop and mess around with contrast and lighting (I’ve tried learning that stuff and frankly, putting it on auto is just fine with me… if you want to fool around use simple programs like instagram)… I’m an average person and “average people don’t want to do $h*t.” Best picture at that instant gets the win. Period! End of discussion. Now of course, being an average person doesn’t mean I will totally not try to test the quality to my own common sense if I’m really that interested, I would try to put both pics up on my 55inch 1080p HDTV and then compare. Other than that. I don’t have the time. Gotta make my next million, you know what I mean?

    Notice I use the word “average” a lot. There’s more average people out there than geniuses like photographers and techno-phils. Making money is all about the masses bro. Don’t assume the technicalities make any sense to common folk lol.

  3. Maggnet says:

    @wildfrogger: What you are saying is totally fine. Seen from the perspective of a novice and making money, I fully agree with you! Apple doesn’t do the best job in making the pictures appealing to the average user, but our blogger Max Lee here claims that “here’s something to get you out of denial, just accept the truth, something made in 2011 is NOT going to be anywhere near as good as Galaxy S3”, what honestly is bullshit in this case… it’s all about software in this case and the iPhone could produce even better results if Apple would add a software post-processing step to add a contrast similar to what the S3 offers.

    If Max Lee would do some serious research, didn’t follow the hype and take a (professional) neutral position he’d say: it’s easier for the average user to take appealing pictures with the Galaxy S3 while the iPhone 4S, even though it’s older, still offers the better image quality, seen from the adept photographers perspective.

    PS: To ease your worry about complicated post-processing. With Instagram you can as well get a similar result. But try out Photoshop Express, you will see, even a potato could operate it… lol

  4. Marshall says:

    I also noticed that the iPhone image is just slightly zoomed in. As far as I know, these cameras don’t have an optical zoom–so either the iPhone has a smaller field of vision, or it’s slightly zoomed it, at the expense of quality.

    I still have my SGS3 preordered though, and I’m perfectly happy with its camera, based on what I’ve seen from images.

  5. Rhynri says:

    Not having been able to watch the video, I can tell by the initial picture that this comparison is bunk. It is bunk because those initial shots aren’t even the same composition. Professional camera comparisons use premade scenes where the cameras are mounted in the same location. This shows actual differences, because it removes random variables like the entire street on the left of the image on the samsung that is not present in the iphone shot. Also, congradulations, you are still benchmarking your technology against a product that has been out for nearly a year (eternity in phone years), which just goes to show how well made the product you are comparing against is.

  6. Ben says:

    I’ve heard the hype about iphone – what I don’t understand is what is all the fuss about ?
    All I see is bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors, there is no substance !!!???

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    Which means its all bullshit, iphone ain’t what it promises to be !!!

  7. Ujjwal says:

    Thanks for the insightful video, 🙂
    I was browsing to find how to unroot gs3, I just stopped here, on Im off of here 🙂

  8. Maxmara says:

    What I don’t like is how these so-called “photographers” talk as if they know so much better than anyone else. Seeing the video, it really looks like S3 offers better photo quality even without post-processing. iPhone4S defenders like Maggnet keep on pushing – “try photoshopping your photos taken with iPhone4S and it will look a lot better!!!” – WTH dude.

    I don’t have time to post-process and that’s the point why S3 is better than your iPhone4S because S3 offers neat and pleasant-looking image quality WITHOUT having to post-process them. I’m no photographer which means I’m just a mediocre person in the eyes of the high-hat photographer-who-knows-a-lot-better-than-everyone-else-and-has-better-eyes-than-everyone-else.

    Sorry, you’re a photographer and I am but a lowly customs broker who does not know about your mysterious and expert photography knowledge. We appreciate photos that don’t need post-processing so stop talking like you know better.

  9. Binh Vu says:

    Yes. iPhone rules. It can take pictures and you go edit the pictures through PhotoShop and all of your pictures will look much better. WTH this guy is saying.

  10. Ian says:

    Ur kidding, right?

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