Galaxy S9+ 4K Cinematic Video w/ 60fps???

Can you make a 4K cinematic video w/ the Samsung Galaxy S9+ using its new 4K 60fps video recording?  In my latest outing to the golf driving range, we find out if the Galaxy S9+ can stand up to some simple panning shots and see if it can add to your next 4K cinematic video by slowing down 60fps to 24 or 30fps.

The result?  Is 4K 60fps useful?

The result was a mix of very good footage and some disappointments.  While Galaxy S9+ faired very well in situations involving not too much busy background, it suffered from artifacts whenever too much motion or if the footage had too many things moving in the background.  Of course, we are talking about the very “first” 4K 60fps available on any Android smartphone this year and in a few years, we should have 4K 60fps w/ much higher bandwidth.   While my GH5 can record up to 100-800Mbps, the S9+ probably only does near 100Mbps and at much more compressed codec, meaning less information being stored.

In all, not all 4K 60fps is built the same.  Just because Galaxy S9+ has 4K 60fps doesn’t mean it is anywhere near good as a consumer 4K camera like the GH5.

Some tips on how to get most out of the 4K 60fps on the Galaxy S9/S9+

However, there are a few points that can help out while using the 4K 60fps:

  1. Use in very bright light.  Avoid using 4K 60fps in any low-light as noise will simply ruin your footage.
  2. Avoid too much action as 4K 60fps simply cannot process fast action that well yet in a smartphone.   Just use action shots sparingly, maybe for 1-2 second clips so viewers cannot see artifacts because they go too quick.
  3. Avoid busy background.  E.g. Don’t use 60fps in a crowded city as smartphone cameras simply don’t have to the power to process busy environments.
  4. Use more macro shots as that will help blur out the background, especially with busy background settings as that will eliminate the background.
  5. Use a gimbal.  Electronic stabilization is turned OFF on 4K 60fps(while it is not on 4K regular) with the Galaxy S9/S9+.  Or use VERY STEADY HANDS, don’t move your phone too quickly

Using the above tips will get you most out of the 4K 60fps mode.  Whether you are slowing down 60fps to 24/30fps or just using 60fps, these tips should help you get the most out of your phone camera.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the results.  While the results are nowhere near what my GH5 can do, these are still the best results you can get on a smartphone yet.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts below.

Want more 4K 60fps?

FYI, I used the DJI Osmo Mobile, you can grab their new Osmo Mobile 2 on Amazon here. I’ve had many gimbals but the DJI Osmo Mobile is definitely my favorite, highly recommended.  If you need a good gimbal for your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus or any other smartphone, get the DJI Osmo Mobile as you can do 4 different angles(up/down and vertical both ways) plus it is easy to use.  It is the best gimbal I have ever used.

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