Galaxy S9+ & DJI Mavic Pro 4K Test in Maui!

In this 4K camera test, I used the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for all shots except for airborne shots which I used the DJI Mavic Pro.  I felt like this is very good combination for those of you who want to take some 4K videos on the go.  Although I do have nicer cameras like the GH5 and A7rii, I wanted to see if I can get some high-quality shots with my smartphone.  I also used the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal to stabilize the Galaxy S9+, which comes in very handy also.

Overall, the results are not bad, pretty satisfactory if you take your time to take the shots.  The S9+ and DJI Mavic Pro are great combos that take up very little room in your travel bag.

Things to Improve Upon?

Exposure seems to change too fast in scenes where light changes and I may want to use Pro mode on the Galaxy S9+ in those situations.  Also, I forgot that S9+ defaults to 30fps while I shot 24fps on the Mavic Pro.  While LG phones like LG V30, G7, and even G6 supports 24fps in manual video recording mode, Samsung still does not have this option, sometimes making it hectic for those of use who prefer 24fps for more cinematic motion.

Initially, I tried putting the Samsung S9+ 30fps into a 24fps timeframe but ended up with very jittery video so I did the opposite and put the Mavic Pro 24fps into 30fps.  It is still a bit jittery but better than trying to put 30fps into 24fps as that will cause loss in frames and jitters more than if you put 24fps into 30fps(since 30fps is still faster than 24fps fits much better).

I should also be testing my Pixel 2 XL this week so watch out for that too!


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