How to Disassemble Galaxy Note 4 for Repair!

Whether you need to replace your Galaxy Note 4 screen or need to replace a bad USB module that your daughter spilled some water over, did you know the Galaxy Note 4 is pretty easy to take apart?

Well, I found out that it is possible to take the Galaxy Note 4 completely apart in parts for repair and put it back together.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Take out the SIM card, micro-SD card, S-Pen, and battery from your Note 4.

Then use a #00 screw driver to unscrew any visible screws you see on the back of the phone.


Step 2. If you are replacing the screen, you can follow along.  If not, you can skip to Step 6 where you should be able to pull the whole motherboard/screen combo out together.

Get a gap between the screen and the frame using plastic tools.  DO NOT USE METAL TOOLS as it will scratch and ruin your Note 4!!!


Keep working all the way around the phone until you get a nice gap going.  DO NOT FORCE THE ISSUE, go slowly.



Step 3. You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the adhesive element between the screen and the rest of the phone.



Try to get the bottom of the screen separated first.  Then use a thin, plastic tool like a plastic knife and slowly work it towards the top of the phone.

Be very slow as there are two LCD/Touchscreen connectors you will have to watch out for!



Step 4. Once you have most of the screen off, go to the top of the phone and undue two flex cables.



Step 5. That should get the screen completely off.  If the copper-colored material gets stuck, carefully pull it out.



Then reattach to your LCD, this is for your S-Pen!!!  It can be a little crumpled like mine, it does not affect the performance of you S-Pen.



Step 6. Try to get the knife wedged deep into the phone between the frame and phone.  Slowly twist until the motherboard pops out.

If you still have the screen on (because you are not replacing the screen), same thing but find something thinner to wedge if you can and be careful not to put too much force.



Step 7. If you are replacing the bottom USB module, undue the two antenna wires.  And there’s one black screw you need to unscrew.


Step 8. Undue the flex cable to your top speaker and unscrew the black screw on the left.


The motherboard should pop out easily, make sure to undue the flex cable to the USB module.


Step 9. Now your Note 4 should be in completely different pieces.  If you need to replace the front or back camera, just pop the old one out and put the new one in.

That goes for most other parts, very easy to replace parts on Note 4.



To re-assemble your phone?  Just follow everything backwards and you can refer to my video tutorial also.

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