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I finally got my hands on the LG G4 Quick Circle case and have been using it for almost a week now.  And boy, if you have an LG G4 you should definitely get one of these as they make your phone complete.  Without it, I feel like the LG G4 is missing its core feature, the quick circle screen.

What the quick circle screen does is lets the user to answer their phone call, read SMS messages, use camera (in portrait/landscape mode), and even play games without ever opening your phone.  This means that the LG G4 saves a ton of battery life as only about a quarter of your screen is used since screen is the most battery draining component on your phone.


As for design, you get a nice, beehive-like patterns on the back and the front.  The front of the Quick Circle Case is made up of woven material that feels soft and luxurious.  The front cover will also protect your screen against unwanted scratches, especially if you put your phone in your pocket on a daily basis.  And if you ever drop your phone face down, it will also protect your screen from breaking on concrete surfaces.


LG has added a new feature to their new quick circle screen that I am absolutely pleased at, the scrolling icons you can swipe through in circular manner.  With its previous Circle Cases on the LG G3 and G Flex 2, the icons were static and you were only limited to 6 apps.  With the new scroll feature, you can add unlimited number of apps.

Compared to the S-View case on my Note 4 and Galaxy S6, I feel the Circle Case is much more useful since you can add more apps and customize your apps.  LG has also been giving full compatibility for Quick Circle apps, meaning you can use them on older phones like the LG G2 or G3 and on newer phones like LG G4 and G Flex 2.


Of course, another new feature LG added this year is wireless charging without additional bulk.  For wireless charging, you can use any Qi-compatible wireless charger. (I am using a wireless charging USB power bank below.)


Overall, if you want the best case for your LG G4 with a front cover, this official LG Quick Circle Case for the LG G4 is highly recommended, you can get it here on Amazon:

Get LG Quick Circle Case for LG G4


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