LG G5 Cases! [VRS Design]


If you are looking for some nice cases for your LG G5, definitely check out some cases from VRS Design.

My all-time favorite case is the Crystal Bumper Case, which I also use on my Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.  These cases have a thick clear bumper that allows you to protect your phone while the see-thru design allows you to enjoy the natural colors of you phone.

If you don’t like clear cases, then check out High Pro Shield cases which are nearly identical to the Crystal Bumper case but with a matte finish on the back.  Both of these cases have 2 layers to give you the ultimate protection you need.

Now if you want something thinner, check out Single Fit cases, which are super slim and comes in many different colors.  Although thinner, these cases still have a good amount of lip to protect your phone against 90% of drops.

VRS Design also has Shine Guard cases, which is sorta of a hybrid case featuring one layer but with additional layer in certain places for maximum protection.  This case also features a 3D pattern in the back of the phone which also helps you grip the phone.

If you absolutely want to use your brand, new LG G5 naked, please make sure you have insurance or a money tree growing in your backyard.   We will not be responsible for adults that cry like little babies when they break their screen.


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