OnePlus 3 – Top 5 Reasons to Buy! [MUST WATCH BEFORE BUYING]


For those of you who are wondering whether to buy the OnePlus 3, here’s our Top 5 reasons for buying OnePlus 3.

#1 – If you absolutely cannot afford more than $400 for a smartphone, the OnePlus 3 may be the best Android smartphone you can buy under $400.   You can grab a Galaxy S7 on eBay for about $550 when it’s on sale (check often) but if $400 is absolute budget for you, OnePlus 3 is the way to go.

#2 – If you want a smartphone with latest Snapdragon 820 processor and 6GB of RAM under $400, OnePlus 3 will give you that so long as you don’t mind the 1080P screen.

#3 – If you need the fastest read/write 64GB storage for under $400 with UFS2.0, OnePlus 3 will give you fast disk I/O speeds so games and apps run faster.  This will also allow you to transfer files faster to and from your computer.  Now if does not have a microSD card meaning you will be stuck with 64GB storage for the life of the phone.  However, you can easily offload large files to a USB flash drive using USB Type C OTG cable.

#4 – If you like to root and install custom ROMs, OnePlus 3 offers root and custom ROMs without voiding the warranty.  This is one of the best smartphones you can customize with open source software.

#5 – If you don’t mind the lack of U.S. customer support and you never drop your phone in the past, OnePlus 3 will save you money.

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