OnePlus 5T Unboxing!

OnePlus has just launched their latest OnePlus 5T, featuring an upgrade 6.01-inch 18:9 aspect ratio screen with a design that eliminates bezels as is the current flaghship trend.  As far as design and feel, OnePlus 5T is definitely up there, feels great in your hands and best of all, the metal back finish keeps nasty, greasy fingerprint marks out.  This is definitely a phone you can use naked and also considering price is half of most flagships, you probably wouldn’t have to worry about dropping it so much.

OnePlus 5T is literally playing catchup to flagship devices like Note 8, LG V30, and Pixel 2XL as they are all in the similar “phablet” size category.  But this is definitely a good thing since you are now getting flagship features for much less.  The OnePlus 5T now also has a second camera to help shoot in low-light and portrait mode.  Portrait mode work well but it wasn’t better than Pixel 2 XL in my opinion (which I think is the best).  I will have to test it further but for now, camera seems very sharp, I just need to do a few low-light and dynamic range tests to get an idea.  And yes, OnePlus 5T also has facial recognition just like the Note 8.  This will be good when your fingerprint sensor gets wet.  Facial recognition works well and fast.

There are 2 models of the 5T this year, the 64GB w/ 6GB of RAM for $499 USD and 128GB w/ 8GB of RAM for $559.  I don’t think the added RAM will be useful unless you use graphic-intensive apps all the time or play a lot of games.   Storage is limited since you cannot use microSD card for expanding(WHY??!???).  But 64 or 128GB should be plenty for most people plus you can always offload your overloaded data to a USB flash drive and OTG cable if you want the budget method.

Overall, I am actually very satisfied with OnePlus 5T, especially considering the prices and flagship features like 18:9 aspect ratio screen, latest Snapdragon 835 processor, 6-8GB of RAM, great camera, and very good performance.  Software and performance have always been the highlight of OnePlus products and its UI is slightly-modded version of pure Android.  For root and custom ROMs, OnePlus 5T is the next best phone after Google Pixel phones for updates and custom ROMs.

Rather than make cheaper devices that don’t have flagship features(like a few years back), I actually digging that they put more flagship features and raised the price a little.  I rather pay a few bucks more and get the better specs than be stuck with budget Android phone.  You know you always get what you paid for.  With OnePlus 5T, it seems like the opposite, you getting way more than what you paid for.  For now, I do highly recommend the OnePlus 5T, an excellent choice for price-conscious Android shoppers.

You can grab the latest OnePlus 5T here.

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