OnePlus Two Camera 4K Cinematic Video Test!


I know many of you actually requested me to review my motorcycle in the past so I figured this would be a great time to do a 4K cinematic video test with my OnePlus Two camera.

The OnePlus Two camera has OIS (optical image stabilization) which has much better stable videos than last year’s OnePlus One.  I do feel that OIS is great for handheld shots but it interferes with your shots when using a tripod or camera sliders.  Some of the scenes have unwanted “bubbly” effect while sliding and that’s clearly due to the OIS trying to over-correct itself.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn it off and again, I wish smartphone manufacturers started adding these simple new features as it will make these 4K smartphones completely usable for professional videography.   Clearly, Note 5 I tested yesterday had much better stabilization over the OnePlus Two.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results on the OnePlus Two.  Not the absolute best 4K camera out there but it stands not too far from flagship phones on the market today. You might actually get better results on older phones without OIS when using sliders though so I may actually test this out with my older Note 3 soon.

Note: YouTube compresses the video pretty awfully but you can download the original 4K video here.

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Max Lee

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