Samsung Official Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge S-View Flip and LED Wallet Cover!


One of the coolest cases you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge are the Samsung official S-View Flip and LED wallet covers.  I have been using these ever since the Galaxy Note 4 days and if you want 100% full protection of your phone against drops and full coverage of the screen, these are going to do a much better job than any other screen protector/tempered glass.

Of course, these flip covers have a flap which can become cumbersome in certain situations like using the back camera one-handed.  But if you don’t do that much, the flip covers actually help you hold the phone better and may help stabilize your phone while taking a photo or video.  The biggest advantage of these official flip cases is that they offer full protection of both S7 and S7 Edge’s screens in case you drop it or even if a brick drops on it.

As for the S-View, it does give you several useful features such as being able to see the clock, see notifications, answer calls/end calls, and end/snooze alarm/timer.  If you talk a lot on your phone, this may also save you a great deal of battery life since you won’t have to open the cover to answer calls.

For the LED wallet covers, the case has LEDs to show you time, answer calls, end/snooze alarm/timer and all of this without using the power of your phone’s screen, rather it uses LEDs on the case itself.  The coolest feature on the LED wallet covers is that it allows you to customize from different LED icons for different contacts so you know who’s calling you without even opening the cover.

Overall, these are very nicely made cases that will complete your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge so definitely pick them up if you are interested in full protection of you new babies.

Get them here:

Galaxy S7 S-View Flip Cover – Link

Galaxy S7 LED Wallet Cover – Link

Galaxy S7 Edge S-View Flip Cover – Link

Galaxy S7 Edge LED Wallet Cover – Link


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