Xiaomi Mi 8 Unboxing!

I recently ordered Xiaomi Mi 8 due to the affordability of this Android smartphone as the official price is $421, which is even cheaper than OnePlus 6 by a full $100.  Now, this is probably the cheapest smartphone you can buy that has the latest Snapdragon 845 processor.   While manufacturers like Samsung are raising their prices steadily every year, it seemed to me that perhaps cheaper alternatives like the Mi 8 could be very good.

The standard Xiaomi Mi 8 comes with Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64/128/256GB of storage, Quick Charge 4.0, 3400mAh battery, 12MP F1.8/F2.4 dual rear-cameras, and a whopping 20MP F2.0 front camera.  Now, there is NO microSD card and that is the ONLY gripe I have with this phone.  Also, you won’t get 4K 60fps while its specs say it is possible to add it on.  I don’t get manufacturers these days, 240fps 1080P slow motion and 4K 60fps is doable on ANY Snapdragon 845 but some decide to include it and some don’t, frustrating as a consumer who knows this.

But boy, the 240fps 1080P slow motion is there JUST LIKE OnePlus 6, which is one of my favorite Snapdragon 845 features.  And yes, it works quite well, here’s a quick video I made during my daughter’s golf lesson:

For practicality point-of-view, the 240fps slow motion is all I really need, the 480fps or 960fps is really gimmicky, quality is bad and I always prefer 240fps so I really like the fact that you can get 240fps 1080P for under $500 with the Mi 8.

Without a doubt, the Xiaomi Mi 8 wins the “Ugliest notch award” for having such a big notch, leaving literally no room for your notifications.  I wish manufacturers started actually “thinking” about how Android works, where notifications need its own space, unlike iPhones.   Also, they should add another vertical space for notifications when you hide the notch so you can display more notifications.  Very annoying but I am willing to sacrifice my need for notification space here since the phone is so DAMN CHEAP.

Front camera works quite well in my initial testing, also portrait mode works like a champ.  Back camera is also pretty decent.  I will do a full test and comparison with flagships like Galaxy S9, LG G7, and Pixel 2 but for right now, I am pretty impressed what Xiaomi has packed into this budget Android smartphone.

Of course, Xiaomi also has the higher-spec model Mi 8 Explorer Edition.  I initially wanted to get that model but the problem again is me being in America and I could not find any Mi 8 Explorer Edition for under $1000 yet on eBay. But definitely the real bargain is with the standard Mi 8 and I am actually very happy with my purchase so far.  I should have a full review in a week and a month but in the meanwhile, I do highly-recommend as a good affordable alternative for those of you on a budget.

If you guys want a trust-worthy seller to buy on eBay, check out this link where I bought it.  I’ve bought over 10+ smartphones from Never-MSRP and I’ve never had problems with this seller for many years along with best prices.

P.S. I’ve already started trying to root the phone but Mi Unlock tool, which is used to unlocking the bootloader, has a time-limit to unlock the bootloader so I have to wait 15 days before I can unlock the bootloader.  When I do, I should have a full step-by-step tutorial on how to root the Xiaomi Mi 8!

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