New iPad Heating Test!

If you are thinking about getting the New iPad, you might want to think twice as recent reports by Consumer Reports say that it can reach up to 116 degrees fahrenheit with moderate gaming usage with room temperature around 72 degrees.

I’ve actually tried a similar test and got near 85 degrees at 70 degree room temperature and does not pose any kind of problem for me (and it’s good as lap heater in cold weather). But for those of you in hotter climates like Jamaica, Philippine, and Thailand, your new iPad could potentially go beyond the Consumer Reports tested 116 degrees while using graphic-intensive apps.

This could also pose a big threat to your kids and cause burns and would potentially shorten the life of your New iPad.

So, consumers be aware, if you really want to get the New iPad, wait until Apple fixes the issue or wait until the “new” New iPad.

In comparison, all of my Android tablets reach a peak of 75 degrees fahrenheit even when playing graphic-intensive games.

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Max Lee

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