#CES2017 Vlog #2 – Honor 6X Unboxing, Mate 9, & Someone has my Spectacles!


Probably the best thing that happened at CES 2017 this year wasn’t actually any gadgets, but actually eating great food with friends and also checking out camera equipment. I will have another video covering my favorite things at the show but in this video, we will go over some of the food and reviews.

On the first night I arrived, we did check out the famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant at MGM and ordered ourselves the most expensive steak there. While the steak tasted pretty good, I felt it was too full of extra flavoring.

We did meet up with Armando Ferreira the next day and I was able to get my first hands-on experience with the Honor 6X, which I should have an unboxing video of. Armando did show me his Canon 5D Mark IV shoulder rig, which worked great and I was able to actually try out his setup, and I really enjoy hanging out with other YouTubers and learning about their camera setups.

The shoulder rig is really cool and I would say it is probably an awesome setup to get crispy shots at shows like CES. Of course, I did take my friends to Korean BBQ at Ginseng BBQ II on the strip, which I go everytime I goto Vegas. Carlos was literally filming half the time with the giant shoulder rig, which I thought was a bit funny but probably a great way to get awesome footage of the barbeque.

We ended the night at Huawei’s Party, it was a really fun night.  In the end, someone ended up with my Spectacles, do you know the guy’s name?

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