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LG G6 Underwater Snorkeling Test!

Here’s an underwater snorkeling test with the LG G6. Yes IP68 rating is good enough to snorkel with it in sea salt water, just keep your phone no more than 5 feet underwater and you should be fine. Also rinse your phone off with fresh water after as salt left on the phone can make your seals degrade if you leave it. This isn’t my first time snorkeling with a waterproof phone, I used Galaxy S5 a few years back in Thailand, the phone still works even years later and still waterproof, you can check it out here.


Galaxy Note 7 Underwater Test! – Will It Survive?

In our latest underwater test, we took the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 through various underwater tests including unlocking phone, using IRIS underwater, browsing the web, typing underwater, watching YouTube videos under water, playing games, recording videos underwater, taking selfies underwater, and using different apps underwater.  The result was pretty amazing.