How to Playback YouTube Videos with Screen-Off on Any Android Smartphone/Tablet!

By utliizing our super natural powers through use of teleporting and subconsciously reprogramming your brain, we are gonna get you SUPER HIGH ON ANDROID with a Sunday Quicky.

So I got a question last night from Florence who asked me, “ My parents and I use note 3 from tmobile and I’m the person who sets everything up. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah  When mom is watching YouTube and phone goes to sleep it shuts volume off with the headphones. The woman is driving me crazy because she can’t get directtv where she lives so her note 3 is her access to her korean shows.”

I actually watch a ton of Korean shows/dramas not on YouTube but it can be a headache when listening to music on YouTube and you want to turn the screen off since you are listening, not watching.

You can also save a ton of battery life if your screen is turned off since that’s the most battery draining component of your Android smartphone.

So, let me show you how to play YouTube videos with your screen off so you can play em with the screen off and save battery life.

Step 1. Go to the Play Store and uninstall your existing YouTube app.  (You can always re-install it later down the line if you want the original YouTube app)


Step 2. Downloaded the modded Screen-off Playback YouTube app:


Download Modded Screen-Off Playback YouTube app


Step 3. Next simply press on the downloaded file to install the app.  You may have to check Unknown Sources on in your Security Settings.  Also, you can use ES File Explorer to find the file in your “Download” folder for installation.

howto-playback-youtubevideos-screenoff-anyandroid-smartphone-tablet-3 howto-playback-youtubevideos-screenoff-anyandroid-smartphone-tablet-4

Step 4. Open the YouTube app then go to “Advanced Settings”.

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  • Lex

    There is much simpler way, just install app “ulisten ” from Google store. Sorry for intrusion but it is a lot easier way!

  • Bruce Witherspoon

    File won’t install

    • Max Lee

      Try using ES File Explorer to install app.

  • Antonio

    Unknown sources checked….can only disable YouTube app on my AT&T Note 3…File won’t install. Used ES File installer, also. HELP!

    • Max Lee

      Use Titanium Backup app to uninstall YouTube app then, but that requires root.

  • Jereme

    Hi Max, I’m on note 3 with verizon. I’m rooted even though it’s stated that you do not need root it should be known that you can only disable youtube app and therefore you cannot get apk file to take the install. I’m sure if your rooted you could just uninstall app with a few more steps. I thought others should know this if they do not have a rooted phone that it will not allow them to uninstall original youtube app.

    • Max Lee

      Yes it seems like most Verizon phones are like that, then you need root and use Titanium Backup app to uninstall the app. Sorry, I did not know this before making the video.

  • Idoit

    HigOnAndroid is an Idio t dum b fuc k you can’t uninstall the YouTube app on 100% of devices that are Google certified the YouTube app already comes pre installed, therefore you need to be ROOTED!!!

    • deadfront

      Show some respect douche.

  • Nate

    On certain phones you can uninstall the youtube app. On my Galaxy S4 I was able to uninstall it. Getting Note 3 in 2 days. Cheers 😀

  • abhishek

    There was a problem while parsing the package.

    • Max Lee

      Did you try using ES FIle Explorer app to install? Also try re-downloading the file.

      • jaleel

        Haloo max I have a problem
        Im installed hypermax v9 in my
        S3 working is good but sum times the device is resrarting
        How can I solve this pls help mee

  • Stevieeason502

    I have removed the original YouTube app with Titanium. However the the other one will not install. I have used ES and downloaded the file several times.

  • Stevieeason502

    Never mind, i went to his website and downloaded the file and it works great. Thanks again for your great write ups and assistance.

    • RobbieRob

      Hello Stevieeason502,

      Can you help direct me to his website? After multiple downloads, The .apk file I get won’t install.

  • Ben

    How do I get it to create a shortcut ?

    • Ben

      Nm I’m an idiot lol, works great thanks for all your apps and add ons

  • julio giannobile

    Before uninstalling this ,try viral youtube player at the app store. Does the same without having to uninstall youtube. Worked fine for me on my note 3.

  • Daouest

    Downloaded the app but couldn’t install it on my one plus one. Is it because I was not able to fully uninstall the YouTube app?

    • Max Lee

      You can use Titanium backup app to backup and uninstall youtube app.

  • butch

    thank it works on my GT-N7000! more power!

  • rz

    First dude was right.

    Titanium didnt work asked to be rrooted
    All other sh .it didn’t work.

    Downloaden ulisten app and done. Better do that ppl.

  • Shaz007

    I already uninstall official youtube app and remove it in system/app in root explorer and change it with the this mod youtube app as it say in xda developer… Still not installed… I’m use note 3 SM-N9005 running kitkat 4.4.2
    Help me zedomax/ master Max Lee

  • dino
  • Justin

    Why can’t I change the quality? On the stock app, you could change quality anywhere from 144p to 1080p

  • Srikala Kerel Roach

    dont think this one works for galaxy s6

    • Salla

      Why not? What happens?

  • João Lourenço

    There is an app that allows you to turn off the screen while the youtube stock app keeps playing. Since I usually play youtube playlists or dj sets with my headphones, it works great. It won’t let you switch apps, though…

    It’s called “Black Screen of Life”. Try searching for it on YouTube (when you search it in google play it doesn’t show up unless you put apostrophes).

  • Nick Morecroft

    This doesn’t seem to show playlists, is that a bug?

  • skin1980

    You can try also my new app

    Screen off keep playing

    No root and works with youtube official version. Search on the playstore!

  • Thanks for sharing.