How To Run Apps In Phone or Tablet Mode on Any Rooted Android Smartphone/Tablet!

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For those of you who want to run your favorite apps in Phone mode or Tablet mode (such as Netflix shown above running in tablet mode with a Galaxy S3), scale fonts, keep screen ON, or even change language on “app basis”, you can do it easily on “any” rooted Android smartphone or tablet device running Android 4.0.3 or higher. (ICS and Jelly Bean)

(My Nexus 7 running GMail in Phone Mode (normally is in Tablet Mode).

(My Note 2 running GMail in Tablet Mode.)

(My Nexus 7 with font scaled up)

How is that possible?

There’s apps called Xposed Framework Installer and Xposed App Settings, which allow you to make this happen just like if you were doing it with a ParanoidAndroid custom ROM.

So, if this is something you might be interested, (perhaps you want to make the fonts bigger on your GMail because you are farsighted, or run Netflix in tablet mode to see more titles on your phone, or maybe even keep your screen on while viewing non-downloadable flash videos on your browser) read on to follow the step-by-step guide.


– rooted Android smartphone or Tablet with Android ICS or higher. (4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1)

Step 1. You will need to download the two apps, Xposed Framework Installer and Xposed App Settings(if you have trouble downloading as an APK file, download from here instead).

First install the Xposed Installer apk file after downloading.  You can use ES File Explorer or your favorite file browser to open the file if you have trouble opening it.  (Should be in your Download folder).

Step 2. Open Xposed Installer app and hit “Install/Update”.

Step 3. Once installed, you will see “app_process” and “XposedBridge.jar” under the active tab.  Go ahead and hit “Reboot” to reboot your Android phone or tablet.

Step 4. Once rebooted, install the other Xposed App Settings apk file.

Step 5. Open Xposed Installer again, hit the “Modules” tab and make sure Xposed App Settings is checked ON.  Then reboot one more time.

Step 6. Now you can open up Xposed App Settings app, then find your favorite app you want to modify to run in Phone or Tablet mode.

Step 7. First turn the settings to “ON” then change the DPI and Screen values to get tablet mode.  You might have to play with these values to get it working fully in tablet mode.  Once done setting, hit the “Save” icon at top right.

Step 8. Next open up your app to see if the changes have been committed.

Step 9. You can also change the font size by changing the Font scale.

Step 10. Now, you can see the titles on your GMail better with Tablet Mode.

Step 11. Also you can change the language by changing the “locale” and keep your screen on continously while you use GMail by checking ON “Screen on”.

Step 12. Try it on another app like Netflix.  I find Netflix default settings hard to navigate as titles are way too big.

Adjust DPI and Screen settings to get Tablet Mode and see more titles!

I am sure you can find more reasons why Xposed App Settings can be more useful for your life.  If you find some good ones, don’t forget to leave tips to others in the comments line, thanks!  And stay high on Android!

Credits – Big shout out to creator of Xposed Framework rovo89 for the awesome work and also ParanoidAndroid Team for coming up with this idea in the first place.

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  • sriabhi

    Got it after using, nice…
    I dnt understand before….. <3 <3 <3.
    Thanks, nice tut.

  • Tay Chun Min

    Any ideas if these apps after installation, take any resources from the phone as a result from running in the background? Or do they modify system files, close app, and that’s all for it?

  • Justin

    I can’t get the Netflix tablet mode to work on my phone. I changed the resolution and the dpi but it doesn’t appear to change Netflix at all.

  • Steven

    Yeah, can’t get mine to change at all

  • Mohammed

    I used it for chrome tablet mode on my note 2 on liquidsmooth rom :D

  • Kul Dood

    The xposed app setting is a zip file. There’s no apk anywhere. How do I go about installing from a zip?

    • Tay Chun Min

      Have you installed the Xposed Installer, first things first? Read the instructions clearly and you should not be getting any mistakes, as I have had success with this guide.

      • Kul Dood

        Yes. I did. It’s just the second file needed wasn’t available at the links provided. The file that WAS located at those links was a zip file. Not APK. Anyways I found the right file with a simple Google search and now I have real multi Windows on my phone yeeee!!!!

        • MAO04

          Your browser is changing the extension while downloading. Just rename the .zip back to .apk and it will work. You can use Root Explorer or another file manager from the play store to rename it or try downloading again with a different browser.

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    Doesn’t work at all. Changing san saving dpi/res/everything as stated here won’t do jack to my GMAIL app.
    Fuck this guide.

  • LaL Bahadur Ayer

    Awesome Very good

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  • Chuck

    I have an issue I have spent hours trying to resolve and I can’t seem to find anything similar on the internet.
    I have a brand new Google Nexus 7 and I bought it from Amazon UK. As I am on holiday in France I had it sent to France. When I initialised it, it was in France. I downloaded the Amazon Kindle app for it and when that initialised, it was all in French, including the interface, and only displays French books, even though my selected language is English (UK).
    Since then, I have tried everything, including using a UK proxy and deleting the app and installing again, it is still in French. I think the Kindle app must be using the country of first initialisation to work out the language, which seems to me to be a pretty stupid piece of programming. Surely it would make more sense just to use the language selected?
    Any ideas on how I can change the Kindle App to use English?
    Thanks in advance

  • skay

    why doesnt this work on my note 2? i did all the installations correctly and tried to make my gmail into a tablet ui but didnt work even when i killed the app and rebooted, NOTHING!! and i dont want to use paranoid rom to get it either so please dont suggest that lol but seriously HELLLLP!

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  • Victor

    Thus app is awesome… Now viewing my phone hone from a new angle… Hahahaha thumbs up…

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  • Ricardo Chaverra

    World this work on a nexus 5?

  • Ricardo Chaverra

    *Would this work on a nexus 5?

  • pascal

    Hey there,

    i’m trying to run an app (Link Door Manager) in phone mode on a Galaxy Tab 7.
    Tried all resolutions but it still is displayed in tablet mode.

    What settings should i put to force the app in the phone mode


  • Nick

    I’m looking to install the tablet version of spotify just because it has more features (not just UI) than the phone version. They are 2 separate apps. This wouldn’t help with that right? Seems like this method just fools a responsive app into displaying it’s tablet layout on a mobile etc.

    • JC

      Sorry i didnt see your comment b4 posting mine below…

      • JC

        Maybe deleting the spotify app and redownloading it from the store with this turned on may net the tablet version.

  • JC

    Any idea if this will fool the spotify app? The tablet version and pc version let you pick any album and play any song.

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  • Gunther Mangelschots

    Links should be changed for the installer and the new version looks entirely different then screens shown here.

    I came from Paranoid Android 4,3 to a kitkat resurrection remix rom and I seriously missed the possibility to change dpi so I tried this but without luck. It refused to start the installer after reboot

    Went back in the installer and hit install/update second time and then all was fine after reboot

  • VK

    why whatsapp is not getting downloaded with nameless 4.4.4 rom on Tab Gt-p7500 3g

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