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Transformer Prime Going on Sale on Amazon at 12AM PST!

Transformer Prime Going on Sale on Amazon at 12AM PST!

Well, I did order my Transformer Prime couple weeks back when it went on sale on Amazon before they cancelled it.  I was so devastated but just got this e-mail from Amazon saying they are sending me $10 Gift Card and Tranformer Prime is going on sale again at 12AM PST December 19th, 2011, which is just 5 hours away at the time of writing this post.

New Netflix 1.5.2 Out for Android Tablets!

New Netflix version 1.5.2 is out, optimized for Android tablets. It looks pretty good, the UI have been overhauled to really fit the tablet screens better. Also this is probably an update due to Amazon’s Kindle Fire launching today, I will have a full review of the device also soon so watch out for that.

CyanogenMod on HP TouchPad!

I am probably the last person who’s gonna tell you to run Android on HP TouchPad because I think WebOS is so much better already than Android nevermind lack of apps.  But since HP stopped supporting their own tablet line, it might be actually a good idea to run Android on it.  But no, I am not getting one because I don’t want to be stuck with a legacy, never-will-be-updated tablet device.