How to Install Google Wallet on ANY Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet!

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For those of you with one of the latest Android smartphones/tablets that have NFC but cannot use Google Wallet (such as any AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon phones), here’s how to install Google Wallet.

Why do you need Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is an NFC-enabled credit card payment system for those of you who don’t know.  Many credit card systems around the world now support NFC-enabled credit cards and Google Wallet, meaning you don’t have to carry your credit cards anymore, just your smartphone.  It’s a great way to pay for things, and much faster than swiping your credit card.

Before we begin, you will need the following things:

1. A smartphone or tablet with NFC. (Such as Galaxy S3, Note 2, Note 10.1, One X, etc…etc…)
2. Rooted with an AOSP custom ROM installed such as CM10, CM10.1, AOKP, LiquidSmooth ROM, etc…etc… Will not work on TouchWiz, Sense, non-AOSP ROMs (without additional hack but that’s outside scope of this tutorial).
3. Make sure you’ve signed into Google Wallet at least once either on your phone or computer. (If you are outside the U.S., you might have to use VPN on your computer and signed into Google Wallet at least once.) If you’ve never signed into Google Wallet, it might give you “hanging” problems while setting it up. Sign up at

If you have a rooted Android or tablet with an AOSP ROM installed, you are ready to begin!

Step 1. If you are outside the U.S., you will first have to enable U.S. Play Store.  If you are in the U.S., skip this step.

Step 2. Next, we will need to “trick” the Play Store into thinking we have a Nexus device such as Galaxy Nexus, which Google Wallet works on.

Before we do anything, let’s make a backup of our build.prop file, so you can restore your original build.prop file later if needed.

Also, MAKE A BACKUP ROM before preceding as this can potentially put you in soft-brick so you can easily recover your phone.

Download ES File Explorer app from the Play Store.

Step 2. Enable “Root Explorer”, “Up to Root”, and “Mount File System” in ES File Explorer settings.

Step 3. Go to /system directory, copy the build.prop file.

Step 4. Paste it somewhere safe such as your sdcard directory in /sdcard.  If you ever need to switch your device back from Galaxy Nexus, you can copy this backup file back into /system directory.

Step 5. Install Build Prop Editor app from the Play Store.

Step 6. Open Build Prop Editor app then set ro.product.device to “maguro”.

Step 7. Next set ro.product.model to “Galaxy Nexus”.

Step 8. Next, set to “yakju”.

Step 9. Next, download and install Market Access apk file.  Then open the app, set Custom SIM numeric to “310120”, which is the SIM numeric for Sprint.  Since Sprint Android devices support Google Wallet out of the box, we will be able to download Google Wallet and also enable it on our Android device.

Step 10. If you are outside the U.S., make sure to turn your VPN or SSH Tunnel at this point.  If you are in the U.S. you can skip this step.

Step 11. Next we will need to reset Play Store so it will reset and recognize our phone as a Sprint Galaxy Nexus.  Go to Settings->Apps or Settings->Application Manager, then “Clear data” and “Force stop”.

Step 12. Open Google Play Store and you should see a pop-up window welcoming you.

Step 13. You should now be able to see Google Wallet, congratulations!  Install it and enjoy!

Now, every time you reboot, you will need to make sure Market Access app is turned on to Sprint. (or you can set it on boot, set “Emulate on boot” checked ON in Market Access app to do this automatically)

This tutorial should work on 99% of Android smartphones or tablets out there.  There’s also easier ways to enable Google Wallet but I made this tutorial so you can apply it to any Android device universally.  I hope this has helped you get Google Wallet and enjoy the future.

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Q: My camera/video playback is broken!
A: This is caused by changing the build.prop values, just restore your original build.prop back. Whenever you need to use Google Wallet, you just need to switch your build.prop to Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately, this is a hassle but you can still get Wallet to work.

Q: Can I copy build.prop back and will Google Wallet still work?
A: It may work for a bit but will not work for the long run.

My Tested Phones:

Galaxy S3 – Works perfect, no need to restore original Build.prop back.

Galaxy Note 2 – Works well but you need to restore Build.prop back to use Camera, video playback.

Testing more…

50 Responses

  1. Madroxcide says:

    Can’t make on DROID bionic ics

  2. davante says:

    hey max i foloowed your instructions how to install google wallet and i can confirmed it worked on touchwiz rom im running clean rom 4.5 which by the way you need to ad this and do a video on it its the best touchwiz rom out with no issues at all

  3. Luisitoner1 says:

    It doesn’t work on Galaxy Note 1. It says, Setting up wallet for the last hour. I tried everything all over again and still showing, Setting up wallet it may takes up to 5 minutes.

    • Robert says:

      Were you able to make it worked? I have the same problem.

    • harrold says:

      whats the point?

      our notes have no nfc chip

      • pTeronaut says:

        The International note (N7000) doesn’t have NFC, but the North American LTE version (SGH-I717) does.

        What both phones don’t have, and but the two Samsung devices noted as working (S3 & Note II) do have is the ‘secure element’ that Google Wallet requires.

        It is possibly the lack of the Secure Element which is causing GW to hang on the the i717, and with the build.prop edit, GW believes that it is running on a device that has a Secure Element, and is continuously waiting for it to respond.

  4. Luisitoner1 says:

    By the way, I’m running CM 10.1

  5. Cedrick says:

    nfc settings are missing on off. how to make nfc permanently on note 2 tmobile 4.1.1

  6. L Martin says:

    ok did everything step by step. im using the AOKP rom Dl’d from your other site and when i reboot i get no sound at all. No sound as in everything . is there some problem with the prop build that is changing that or when i enter the values for market access. i changed it all back and i still get nothing. i reflashed and it restores but when i try to do the wallet hack or fix install again it does it all over again. I fanyone has had this problem and has found out a way to fix this please help me out.

    Thank You

  7. Jason says:

    Have the JellyBeans rom that i love. Can i use this method to put google wallet on the jellybeans?

  8. Rodney says:

    I’ve found that while using the Galaxy S3 i9300 the following error occurs:

    When changing all the information as stated above – Google Now and Navigation fail to work. The voice feature in both applications die – is there a fix for this?

  9. sesar707 says:

    i did this on my note 1 n wont work

    • Robert says:

      what ROM are u using

      • sesar eusebio says:

        im running jellybam rom and tried it on liquidsmooth n didnt work

        • pTeronaut says:

          It won’t work, Max Lee has confirmed this trick working on two devices which have no reason not to include Google Wallet in the first place aside from carrier interference.

          Google Wallet requires a Secure Element chip for cryptographic security.

          Both the Galaxy S3 and Note II have the chip, like the Galaxy Nexus.

          The Galaxy Note 1, doesn’t, and as we have to trick Google Wallet into believing that it is running on a device that has a Secure Element chip, Wallet doesn’t look for it’s presence (after all why should it? We shouldn’t be able to install it onto a device that doesn’t have the chip.) and just sits there waiting for a response from a chip that doesn’t exist.

          • mark says:

            so you’re saying that the title of this article is incorrect?

          • pTeronaut says:


            so you’re saying that the title of this article is incorrect?

            The title is correct, it is possible to install Google Wallet on any Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet.

            What it is not possible to do, (as proven by every commenter who doesn’t own a device with a cryptographic chip), is get Google Wallet past the setup phase.

  10. Cedrick says:

    I tried on cm 10.1 and rooted stock and did not work…

  11. Denny says:

    Hello! I am on a Bionic running Eclipse 2.1. I followed the directions to the letter and Wallet will not show in Play Store. Thoughts? Thank you!

  12. Mike says:

    Hey Max,
    I followed the directions and all is good, used the wallet tonight flawlessly! I do have one issue thou and that is my phone freezes up several times a day. I have to restart it, then it is ok again for awhile, then freezes again. Do you have any thoughts as to what might be causing this. This is on a Samsung S3.

    • lol says:

      It’s a known bug on the SG3, not caused by this Wallet hack. It’s actually caused by the samsung patch that fixed Sudden Death Syndrome, so totally expected for anyone who has a stock, updated ROM.

  13. Nathaniel says:

    Will this work for a rooted Droid Razr, stock Jellybean?

  14. Q Beezy says:

    Tried it stuck at “setting up Wallet for purchases” and it just loads then nothing else i dont get it

  15. markymarkmark12345 says:

    UnlockedDroid RAZR HD on pacman ROM… got everything all set up…. wallet installed… When I go to set it up it hangs art’setting up Google wallet, this could take up to 5 minutes’… tried resting my phone and it still hands… Got it that far and took a 4 hour nap and when I woke up it still said that

  16. SE says:

    Will this work on a atnt galaxy s3?

  17. Peter Holthe says:

    Hi Max. I managed to install wallet on my international note 2. My google account is registered to Norway, where I live. Therefore, wallet states that it is not supported in my country and because you have to be in the U.S. Im pretty muck damned at that point. Anyway, do you, or anyone else know how to get wallet to work in my case? Or an alternative to wallet? Thank you so much in advance.

  18. julio cesar gonzalez says:

    it is not working…….has a mjs….insufficient secure element privileges for this system image….(release-keys)……………………….please help me…..thanks

    my cell phone is samsung galaxy s4

  19. Brendan says:

    Hey Max,

    I have a i9300 model of the S3 and I have found that when changing the build.prop to either Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4 the sound on the phone breaks. Do you know of a fix?

  20. mark says:


    i guess our definitions of successful install are different…to me in order for it to be installed it has to run as well…otherwise what’s the point of it installing?

  21. Todd Paulus says:

    Hi. I have been learning a lot after watching many of your videos, etc. I have a Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH i777, and am now running V4.2.2, thanks to your info. However, one of the FREQUENT problems I have with your website is downloading — anything. The ‘sponsored’ graphics with the “Captcha” often never appear, so I am unable to start the download. It happens on both of my computers. Any suggestions?


  22. Todd Paulus says:

    Hi, Max. Tried to install the Wallet following your instructions. I have AOPK 4.2.2 Zedomax ROM installed on my Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 with AT&T carrier. First problem: I could not find a build.prop file, even with a search using ES File. So, I plowed ahead. I performed the 3 changes on the ro.product files, installed the Market Access file, etc. All of that worked. Then I downloaded Wallet. But when I open it, it never exits out of “Setting up Wallet, this may take up to 5 minutes” – even after 20 minutes. Tried a couple more times – same result. I did a reboot, reset Market Access to the Sprint number, and tried to open Wallet, again. Same result. Any suggestions? or will this simply not work for the SGH-i777?

  23. Darnell Keith says:

    None of these options and tutorials ever work. I have a tmobile note 2 and two things always get in the way… Either Nfc options go missing or if I do use a method that gets wallet to work, nfc force closes always pop up.
    Is there any recent tutorial?

  24. Noman Awan says:

    I tried setting up Wallets using the same steps but i always get the “Insufficient Privileges” when i load up Wallet. help!

  25. Noman Awan says:

    I tried setting up Wallets using the same steps but i always get the “Insufficient Privileges” when i load up Wallet. help! Please reply on this comment. thanks

  26. Noman Awan says:

    when I have Google wallets working can I then flash another touchwiz rom and when i do that will the wallet still work?

  27. Alex Samuels says:

    I got mine all set up but when i’m in wallet it says in top left of screen “Unsupported device” and that is because it knows its a rooted phone. How do u get past that? Sprint Note 2 with Avatar ROM

  28. scrabie says:

    Helo max, i did everything like you sad, but i have got 2 problems. 1. there is no wallet in play store. 2 when i innstal wallet from apk file there is only screen setting up wallet and after that Wallet is unable to proceed until this device is fully initialized. Make sure the phone has network access and try rebooting if the problem persists. Heve you got any ideas how to fix it?
    Thank you very much.
    My rom is Cm10.1 on xperia s/nozomi – rooted, unlock bootloader

  29. Stanly says:

    I have ATT Note2 with CM1.0.1 and I follow your instruction exactly. Everything is fine until I try to set it up. I’m getting “Tap and pay setup failed” when I setting up Google Wallet. Any idea what is the problem?


    • Stanly says:

      I have more info, the ROM “CM10.1 RC1-t0lteatt” has this problem describe above. But when I install the ROM “RC2-t0lteatt” the problem is different. All the installation went fine but there is not “Tap and pay setup”, I can not setup the wallet and it is unusable. I think something is missing/wrong with the ROM image.


  30. steve rosales says:

    I have read over at the XDA website that the 4 big cell carriers have stop supporting Google Wallet and are now supporting the IRIS wallet app

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