How to Take Super Macro Photos/Videos with Android Smartphone!



The other day, Twitter user M14xr2 asked me, “hey can you use a macro lens on a Nexus 6?”

And I said, “hell yeah, let me go ahead and test one out, will get back to you.”

Well, I got one of those strap-on macro lenses and boy, they work not too bad out of the box. This particular version I got on Amazon is called Pocket Lens but there’s actually a ton of generic ones on Amazon, I think they are all pretty much the same thing.

Anyways, these strap-on macro lenses strap on pretty good. If you are using any kind of case, they will actually fit just perfect and works for 99% of Android smartphones out there.

To use it, simply strap it on and align the lens so it is aligned with your back camera. Then, go ahead and point it about 1-inch from anything you want to shoot macro, that’s it!  If you are using a case, this lenses will fit perfectly, I am using the Spigen hard case by the way, very nice and thin case.

These give your phone about 10X more macro, which means you will be able to get those DSLR-quality close-up shots without a zoom lens. A lot of professional photographers are nowadays using these to get nice macro shots without carrying their gear.

That’s not all, the macro videos are where it gets very interesting, you can get some excellent close-up super-macro vids so long as your subject isn’t moving too fast.

Where would this be useful?

I am actually going to start using nice super-macro videos for my future videos such as new smartphone reviews where I can give you a close-up comparison between different screens and resolution. You can really tell the difference with this macro-lens between a 1080P and 1440P screen. To get the same macro shot with a DSLR, you would need to spend a lot of money on a super-zoom lens. Hey, you don’t need it anymore. It’s amazing what can be done.

If you are an artist, this may be a great way to get those zoom-up shots for your portfolio or perhaps graphic images for your website.  If you are into food, you can give your viewers/readers a close-up shot of your finished dishes.  Studying or researching the human anatomy?  You can take some really nice close-up shots of body parts, you know what I mean.

The ideas are endless, this small gadget literally turns your smartphone into a DSLR with a large zoom lens.

This kit also comes with a screw-on lens that converts your macro lens into a wide-angle lens. I am not as impressed with the wide-angle as you get more distortion. There is also fish-eye lens but again, I don’t recommend it much as the you get a lot of vignetting and the quality significantly drops off with wide angle/fish-eye.

Overall, this is a low-budget Android accessory that might come real handy the next time you need that super-macro shot.  And that friend, is how you take super macro shots with your smartphone.

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