Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View Cover!


Samsung’s recent smartphones like the S5 and Note 4 has introduced Samsung’s own accessories like the Note 4 S-View case w/ wireless charging, which I really dig as they integrate very well with the phone itself along with more features.

With Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge, it is no different, the official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View Cover case makes the phone whole.  While without the cover my S6 Edge seems a bit “naked”, always worried that a small drop might crack its curvy edge screens but with the Clear View Cover case, I feel like my phone is more whole.  On other words, this is definitely a must-have case add-on for those of you with Galaxy S6 Edge.  (It’s also available for regular Galaxy S6.)

First, the Clear View case comes with a see-thru cover, which encloses your curved screen perfectly so it will protect your screen against unwanted scratches in your pockets along with screen crack protection if you drop your phone.

Second, with the Clear View case, you will be able to see your clock, answer calls, and see number of messages without opening/unlocking your phone.   Also you can see notifications but they are not in the main screen.   Although not perfect (as I would like more functionality added to it), the S6 Edge Clear View case is  definitely refreshing over other “dumb” cases that add nothing to the actual functionality of the phone.

Third, this case makes your phone feel awesome in the hands and most importantly, looks good.  I thought bare S6 Edge looked sexy but with this case, it makes it bootylicious.

Okay, so what’s wrong with it?

This case isn’t perfect though, it has its flaws.  The back of the case gets easily scratched, mine got scratched up pretty bad with normal use in my pockets for just 3 days.   You may need a man bag or handbag if you don’t want to get scratches on it or just don’t put it in your pocket at all.  Also, the volume buttons are hard to press when the cover is opened and the edge of the cover protrudes, getting in the way of your right hand when typing.  And when taking photos or videos, you need to have the cover open and hold it, making it more difficult to actually take photos or videos.

But is it worth it?

Although I do have problems with it, out of all the S6 Edge cases I have, my hands literally go to this one everyday I get up.  Yup, this is my daily driver.  Scratch or not, I like the feel of having Iron Man-like beastly phone in my hands every morning.  But it is definitely overpriced at $59.99.  If you are trying to save money, check out this Spigen Resilient case, which my other favorite non-cover case.

You can get the S6 Edge Clear View case here:

Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View Case – Link

Galaxy S6 Clear View Case – Link

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