Pixel Camera 4K Cinematic Test!


To really see what Google’s new Pixel smartphones can do, I took it out for a test drive in full 4K.

The results?

I am pretty damn impressed at what the Pixel can do for 4K video recording in addition to its video stabilization powers.  The EIS/gyro on the Pixel seems to work really well with gimbals and panning shots.  Exposure was a bit off at times but for most shots, it did an excellent job.

Of course, there were some artifacts on shots where there was a lot of light and dark but this is something that happens on all smartphones and you will just have either avoid shooting those scenes or perhaps use a real professional camera for that.

But the big question is, can you make a professional 4K video with the Pixel?

Yes, given the right equipment like gimbals, tripods, sliders, and fluid heads, you should be able to use the Pixel fine.  If you want to compare, also see our Galaxy Note 5 4K Cinematic Test and LG G5 4K Cinematic Test.

Equipment used for this video:

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Max Lee

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