Google Glass Explorer 2.0 Unboxing!


Google has released the second version of Google Glass Explorer 2.0, which is a minor upgrade from the original version.

With Google Glass Explorer 2.0, you will get a free mono earbud and also shades for no additional charge.  In this unboxing, you will be able to see what comes with the latest 2013 edition of Google Glass.

The last time I had a chance to try Glass, the shades were not available.  Now with the shades, I feel like Google Glass is more useful, especially where I live in California where wearing sunglasses on a daily basis is the norm.  I find this little addition extremely awesome now I don’t have to switch between my sunglasses and Google Glass.

Also, the shades allow for better vision of the Glass screen.  In my previous testings, I’ve found that Google Glass screen is much easier to see in darker environments.  With the shades, it makes it so much easier to see the screen, nevermind performing much better under the sun.

The mono earbud now allow you to hear the sound on Google Glass much more clearer over its older bone-transducer.  When you put the mono earbud on your Google Glass, the bone-transducer is disabled and now you can fully hear the sound along with much more clarity and bass.  This is going to prove great for noisy environments and much more fun to listen to music or make a phone call, similar to a bluetooth headset.

Overall, I am really diggin’ Google Glass Explorer 2.0, it’s certainly much better than the original Google Glass I tried couple weeks back and I expect to get even better when the consumer versions come out.

Want to get your own Google Glass?  If you are over 18, live in the U.S., and have $1500 to spare, go apply for an invite here.

Want to see what you can see through Google Glass?  See our hands-on demo here.

googleglass-unboxing googleglass-unboxing-2

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  1. polak says:

    ur dead
    ur die
    We cant cry

  2. Madhy says:

    Hi there,

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  3. Graham Staunton says:

    I wood Love 2,,,,B,,,1,,,,of those guys that try out new stuff,,,I’m on anty antydrepressing but I love to try cos I won’t let it down (What I meen I’d have it with me all day that’s what I meen I’d put it thru pases,,,lol,,,Have a goodday.Graham

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