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Now is your chance to sign up for the Google Glass Explorer program if you are out of luck on getting private invites from existing Google Glass owners.  Google is offering their own invites and if you are a U.S. resident, they may send you an invite to buy a Google Glass at $1500 outright if you sign up.

As we’ve seen many times before, Google doesn’t offer invites for long.  We believe this is limited so if you seriously want to have Google Glass, we highly suggest you to sign up whether you are a developer, videographer, or just need Google Glass for yourself.

Personally as a person who’s tried Google Glass, it isn’t for everyone but for those who may need it.  I do remember a pastor who contacted me about getting a bigger Android tablet than his existing Note 8.0, which he used for his sermons/preaching.  Well, I told him Google Glass may be the perfect device as he will be able to setup a screen virtually while he speaks.   Other applications include if you play outdoor sports that might benefit such as hang gliding, para-gliding, etc…etc…

Nonetheless, you will most likely have to pony up the full $1500 while you will have the pleasure of getting Google Glass before everyone else.  If you don’t like to pay a premium price, just wait until Google Glass comes out to retail stores everywhere next year, where we guess the price will be around $300-500.

Sign up for Google Glass here


3 Responses

  1. Graham Staunton says:

    BUT I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY (I’m on dissablty.)(())),,,IM NOT JUST SAYING THIS I THINK PEOPLE WITH DISSABLTY NOT FIFKIL (The dissablty in the head an how sum like me woo use it ,,,,I HAVE SAID IN THE PAST FROM WHAT IV HEARD IT WOOD BE ((((Great for doctors,,,And police 4 info str8 away,,,Have a good day.g

  2. Gustavs Cerps says:

    I think this is legit

  3. ethan says:

    I have a little money but Google glass is WAY out of my price range if you guys cold make a slower modle or a modle without a camera somthing to make it cheaper please

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