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Gear S Review – The Best Smartwatch?

I was at my local furniture store buying some new sofas and kitchen table when the manager working at the store asked me, “is that a smartwatch”?

I said, “Yes, this is the new Gear S smartwatch.”

He asks me, “Can you do all that cool stuff and can you make phone calls aye?”


Note 4 Review – Why the Note 4 is King of Phablets!

Today we are going to talk about why the Galaxy Note 4 is the king of phablets, this is my full Note 4 review.

First of all, what is a phablet?

Phablet is basically a large phone that may double as a tablet due to its larger-than-normal size, roughly 5.5 inches to 6-inches is considered a phablet.  Phones like HTC One or S5 are not considered phablets because they are just a bit small.  Phones like LG G3, Note Edge, Nexus 6, and Note 4 are considered phablets.  Once it hits 7-inches, it’s really a tablet as it doesn’t fit in your pockets anymore.


Best of CES 2015 Interview w/ Tim Schofield from QBKing77!

Over at CES 2015, I got to meet up with Tim Schofield from QBKing77.com. Tim is a 22-year old Tech YouTuber who is currently making a living as a YouTuber/Blogger, a very promising young talent and one of my good YouTuber friends. I would not be surprised if Tim becomes of the top Tech YouTubers in the near future so don’t forget to check him out!


How to Root Nexus 6! [Windows/Mac/Linux]

For those of you who want to root your Nexus 6, remember that in order to root a Nexus device, you will have to unlock the bootloader first.  Unlocking your bootloader WILL ERASE EVERYTHING on your phone so we highly recommend you to root your Nexus 6 as soon as you receive it in the mail.  Also, copy EVERYTHING (all your photos/videos) to your computer so you don’t lose them.