Pokemon Go Android Hack – How to Detect Nearby Pokemons with PokeDetector App!



For those of you who must play Pokemon Go on the go but don’t want to waste the battery of your smartphone by having the app on all the time or don’t want to run the app unless there are actually Pokemons to catch, you may want to consider running the PokeDetector app, which runs in the background and only notifies you via vibration/sound/Android Wear watch when Pokemons are nearby.

This will also free you from watching the screen of your phone while walking around so you will be more safe while still being able to capture all the Pokemons you encounter.  This app requires no root and only needs your Google login to use.

To use, simply install and run the PokeDetector app from the Play Store. (You can also grab the PokeDetector APK here.)

You can set the scan interval (I recommend 15 seconds) on which the app will check for nearby Pokemons based on your GPS location by your set interval.



You can also choose which Pokemons you want to be notified of.  This extra feature requires you to get the Pro version for $3 USD.


Once the app is running, it will keep running in the background.  Running this app will save you a ton of battery over running Pokemon Go app.


If you want to be extra cool, you can use your Android Wear watch upon which you will receive Pokemon updates right on your wrist!


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