Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Android 8.1 Oreo + Root! [Review & Install Guide]

Samsung has stopped updating the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge since Android 7.0 Nougat and for those of you who want to still get latest Android 8.1 Oreo + root, here’s how to do it.  Now, this is NOT a Samsung Touchwiz firmware, rather custom ROM or AOSP(What is AOSP?)  But you will get much better performance and battery life over Samsung Touchwiz plus the latest and great Android 8.1 Oreo so I don’t see why not.  The NexusOS ROM comes with all the standard features of latest Android 8.1 Oreo and a few additions like Always On Display.

Before we begin, PLEASE BACKUP EVERYTHING just in case things go wrong!!!

You get the latest Android 8.1 Oreo!

Antutu benchmarking at 88,971!  Almost 20 points higher than Android 7.0 Nougat which benchmarks around 70K.

Always On Display is a cool feature on this ROM although nowhere near Samsung TouchWiz.

For step-by-step installation instructions, please watch the video tutorial above.  But basically, you need to first turn off any security(such as fingerprint), turn on “OEM Unlock” in Developer options, flash TWRP, install ROM, install Kernel(for S6 Edge), install Gapps, install Magisk(if you want root), then reboot.  Also you have to use TWRP v3.2.0+ so if you are using older version, please update TWRP FIRST!


Download ODIN – Link

Download Samsung USB Drivers – Link

Download TWRP – Link

Download Magisk – Link (If you want root)

Download NexusOS ROM for Galaxy S6 SM-G920F, SM-G920I or S6 Edge SM-G925F, SM-G925I – Link

Download NexusOS ROM for Galaxy S6 SM-G920FD or S6 Edge SM-G925FD – Link

Download NexusOS ROM for Galaxy S6 SM-G920T, SM-G920W8 or S6 Edge SM-G925T, SM-G925W8 – Link

Download NexusOS ROM for Korean Galaxy S6 SM-G920S, SM-G920K, SM-G920L or S6 Edge SM-G925S, SM-G925K, SM-G925L – Link


Download Kernel for Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F, SM-G925I – Link

Download Kernel for Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925FD – Link

Download Kernel for Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G920T, SM-G925W8 – Link

Download Kernel for Korean S6 Edge SM-G925S, SM-G925K, SM-G925L – Link

Download Beans Gapps Android 8.1 OreoLink

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it or hit the Thanks button on XDA, thx! (Donate to Developer’s paypal address here:

Also check out these mods I’ve installed along with the ROM:

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Not getting 4G LTE?  Sometimes you may have to set APN manually, see How to Fix 4G LTE on by setting APN manually!


Q: Is this the only way to get Android 8.0 or 8.1 Oreo on my Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge?
A: While there are rumors that Samsung may still update the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge to Oreo later this year, we have not received any news on this and most likely your only way to get latest Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo will be through custom ROMs such as this.

Q: What are Android 8.1 Gapps for?
A: Gapps are small zip file that includes Google Play Store for your custom ROM.  Without Gapps, you will not get Play Store on your phone, meaning you won’t be able to download apps from the Play Store.  Most people will need this obviously since they will need the Play Store to download news apps to their Android 8.1 Oreo custom firmware.  However, if you don’t need it(perhaps in another country that uses something other than Play Store), you can skip flashing it.

65 Responses

  1. Zaf says:

    Is there any download link for beanGapps u mentioned in the video?

  2. Bub says:

    No love for the Sprint/cdma variant

  3. Harry says:

    Where can I find Gapps for oreo?

  4. Stefan says:

    can i get link for the Nexus launcher ?

  5. Ali says:

    after installing on S6 Edge SM-G925F

    the phone is not detecting sim card !

  6. Montro says:

    Hi the TWRP link are not working for me I needed for SM-G925T s6 Edge Tmobile. can somebody help me???

  7. Rathana says:

    What about Samsung Galaxy S6 edge(SM-925A) Can update to oreo?

  8. Diego Cravero says:

    Hi is there a TWRP link for my T-mobile SM-G928T?

  9. Kishan says:

    where is kernal for samsung galaxy s6 sm-g920I [flat]

  10. Martin says:

    What if the “OEM Unlock” option is not present in my Developer options?

  11. Richard says:

    Can I humbly ask for Japanese version of S6 Edge SCV31 or G925J?

  12. Daniel says:

    Hi, does NexusOS work for the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925V)? Because I can’t seem to find the version for it.

  13. Kimseng says:

    My Device SM-G920L (Korea), after flash the google play Service has been stopped

  14. Kimseng says:

    How to solve it, Please kindly help.

  15. Wojtek says:

    Is there an update version of the Kernel available for the new April 12 release of the NexusOS? G925W8 specifically – thanks Max for the great work!

  16. yodalberth says:

    muchas gracias de verdad!!!

  17. Octavzz says:

    I cannot find in my developer settings the “OEM Unlock” option. Using a stock SM-G925F for now. Should I proceed with the installation?

  18. Octavzz says:

    After installing on SM-G925F, i get really bad call quality. The reciever hears his echo when i put the call on the speakerphone. Searched a bit on the matter online and i’m not the only one having this issue, but I couldn’t find any solution. Can anyone help please?

  19. John says:

    after installing on S6 SM-G920t

    the phone is not detecting sim card !
    It keep saying SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN
    please help me out

  20. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Awesome! Will this work on AT&T variant? SM-920A?

  21. Manuel says:

    Será que não tem para SM-G925A?

  22. Manuel says:

    Excuse by uncomfortable, does not have version s6 edge model SM-g925a?

  23. Manuel says:

    It was now lost all … I thank you for information, thank you … does not have any option for this case?

  24. Neil says:

    I have a Galaxy S6 Model SM-G9200. What OREO download for this model

  25. Les says:

    Can someone tell me where to find the kernel for S6 Edge SM-G925T, please???

    • Pablo says:

      Looking for the same, he actually used the 925T variant in the video, but I can’t find the kernel.

      • Pablo says:

        I actually found it, he has a typo in the names here, he listed it as 920T instead of 925t. Check the name of the files and is the same he used in the video.

  26. yann says:

    My Galaxy S6 stuck on startup animation(color circle) after installing during first reboot. I’ve waited more than 20min.
    Any advice pls?

    • Les says:

      Yann your on your own its seems. At first it worked fine for like a hour then it died, now it just say Samsung.

  27. Kenneth says:

    I can no Longer connect my phone to the computer ? what should I do ?

  28. Reo says:

    Fast charge not working

  29. Santiago Abril Vidal says:

    hi, not found the links to download. i have the sm-g925i, thank you

  30. Farouq says:

    mine failed. because wrong package NexusOS. i try find my package but not have in your link. my device is “zerofltetmo”. where can i get that package for my phone? now m phone cannot use.

  31. Leonardo Estévez says:

    Porque no está para el SM-G925P.

  32. D3L3K5 says:

    I want to go back to nougat. How can I do ?

  33. marcello says:

    pq que n tem para o modelo g928g??

  34. Unique says:

    I can’t find my device on the ones listed. I have a Galaxy s6, SM-S907VL

  35. Frank says:

    Hello Lee
    Can I use it on my SM-G920P

  36. anonym says:

    is this work for Japan version Samsung s6 edge svc31

  37. Omur says:

    Hello.bro I need kernel version sm-G920F

  38. RoLLeR says:

    I have an SM-G925F but, now in the system info it appears as SM-G920F… Any idea?

  39. lotfi kara says:

    Hi is there a TWRP link for my T-mobile SM-G928T?

  40. leonard marshall-duffy says:

    i am trying to roll back oreo on s6 edge because some apps dont work where do get the files please

  41. mazy64 says:

    Hi all,
    did anyone know where are the USB MTP options after update on SM-G920F?

  42. Pope says:

    When the phone is locked, can’t pick a call. Also, the 3G/LTE mostimes toggle to Edge. Is there anyone experiencing this or are these errors from my end?

  43. jordan says:

    how to undo it and go back to normal software
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz need help

  44. Razak brembo says:

    Hi the TWRP link are not working for me I needed for SM-G925I s6 Edge Tmobile. can somebody help me???

  45. Dian Putra says:

    my phone stuck on circle help me please

  46. اليمن الجديد says:

    Hello I can not find a model sm-g920v
    Verizon please give me her ties
    please please please please please please please please please please

  47. Marcos Enjyogi says:

    Please! Galaxy s6 Edge sc04g DoCoMo japan! ROM oreo

  48. Przemysław Danielewski says:

    i ll send message before over her /i am stucked with this rom i got everything donme and this rom doesnt want to work it sjustb resetes my phone phone to factory . can you basically sy what i am doing wronh cause i am following yours tutorial

  49. kwon su youn says:

    안드로이드가 아니라 리니지os로 설치가 됐네요.

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