How to Install Pixel Experience ROM on OnePlus 6!

For those of you who want to convert your OnePlus 6 into a full-fledge Pixel 3, we’ve got a full tutorial for you on how to install the Pixel Experience ROM on your OnePlus 6.

Before beginning, you will need to unlock the bootloader, follow How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 6 to unlock the bootloader first.  Also, you will need to install TWRP recovery(or boot it), follow How to Root OnePlus 6 up to Step 12, no need to go further.

Next, you will need either a computer with all of the following files or a USB OTG flash drive with the files:

  • OnePlus 6 OxygenOS Android 9.0 Pie Official Firmware – Link
  • PixelExperience ROM – Link(XDA thread)
  • Magisk ZIP – Link (if you want root, optional)
  • Magisk Manager APK – Link
  • Blu Spark TWRP Installer – Link (Credits)

Step 1. Reboot into TWRP.  If not already on Blu Spark TWRP, use Install menu and install the Blu Spark TWRP Installer.

Step 2. Reboot to TWRP by going to Reboot->Recovery.  Then Wipe->Format Data.  This will ERASE EVERYTHING on your OnePlus 6.  At this point, you will have to copy over the files you need from your computer to your phone if you are not using USB OTG Flash Drive.

Step 3. Use Install menu to install the Pie firmware and Blu Spark TWRP Installer.

Step 4. Reboot to TWRP by going to Reboot->Recovery then repeat Step 3.

Step 5. Reboot to TWRP by going to Reboot->Recovery then Wipe->Advanced Wipe then wipe  Dalvik/ART Cache/System/Data.

Step 6. Use Install menu to install the ROM and Blu Spark TWRP Installer.

Step 7. Reboot and you should now boot into Pixel Experience ROM.  Once signed in, if you want root, reboot into TWRP and install Magisk ZIP.

Step 8. Reboot and install the Magisk Manager APK file to get full root.

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