How to Make Smartphone or Tablet Stand with Gear Tie!


The other day I found a great way to make a smartphone or tablet stand using these flexible wires called Gear Tie.

You can easily make a smartphone or tablet stand in less than 10 seconds and also they are very portable as you can fold the wires without taking up much space in your backpack.

You can grab Gear Tie on Amazon or your local hardware stores like Home Depot.

Step 1. Fold the Gear Tie in half.



Step 2. Make a small “v” at the ends.


Step 3. Make a reverse “U”.


Step 4. Spread them apart.


Step 5. Make the bottom a bit flat as shown here.


Step 6. That’s it!  Place your smartphone or tablet.  You may need to use longer-sized Gear Tie for larger devices like a tablet (I use 12-inches for tablets and 6-inches for smartphones).


There also may be other creative ways you can use gear ties so definitely look into these as they can also be great for organizing all of your wires and lots of other uses.

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Max Lee

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